Simplicity seems obvious,
that’s its genius.



founded by Alain Monnens for product design, branding and photography

Alain Monnens was born in Bree, Belgium on 23 September 1969 where he had a very creative childhood. It was already evident very early on that designing ran in his blood, so the choice to study industrial design was no surprise. He graduated cum laude with a Master’s in Product Design at the Media & Design Academy in Genk.

Before he graduated, he already had a contract to work across the border in The Netherlands at NPK Industrial Design in Leiden. After his experiences in The Netherlands he rather accidentally surfaced in West Flanders, where he has had the opportunity to design for a number of companies alongside teaching design and form at Howest | Industrial Design Center in Kortrijk.

In 2000 he took his first steps as an independent designer and founded in 2006 his design studio idam bvba. He and his studio have delivered no end of successful products. For Alain, it is not the adding of elements but their integration which is important, since he sees design as the art of reducing.

Alain Monnens has won several design awards, including a Henry Van de Velde Label and several Red Dot Design Awards.



OLIVER red dot design award (D)
OLIVER interior innovation award (D)
U-LIGHT design and design international award (F)


U-LIGHT designpreis – nominee (D)
OBO design and design international award (F)
BULLET design and design international award (F)


SERVICE BIN, CRANE & 25° best product design
in the four annual Design Award of Province West-Flanders (B)


SERVICE BIN design and design international award (F)
25° design and design international award (F)
CRANE design and design international award (F)


BERTUS red dot design award (D)
FLOWER design and design international award (F)
SAX design and design international award (F)
BIG BANG design and design international award (F)
2LINK design and design international award (F)


BERTUS design and design international award (F)
BRACE design and design international award (F)
FLIP designpreis – nominee (D)
STRETCH designpreis – nominee (D)
CONE designpreis – nominee (D)


FLIP red dot design award (D)
STRETCH red dot design award (D)
STRETCH design and design international award (F)
STRETCH selection Award of the City Mechelen (B)
CONE selection Award of the City Mechelen (B)


CONE Henry van de Velde Label (B)


TUBE best product design
in the four annual Design Award of Province West-Flanders (B)

THE JOINT selection design competition of designboom (UK)


V-CHAIR selection Design Award of the City Mechelen (B)


LETTER-BOX BELGIUM POST selection Exit’96 (B)
award Arts and Crafts committee of the Province Limburg (B)


HALLSTAND 1° award innovative design
HALLSTAND 2° award commercial | industrial design,
Young Design Award MECC Maasstricht (NL)


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